Wilderness 1

June 9-14, 2024

Program Directors: Alex Davidson

Grades: 7-12



Cost: $315

Deposit required to be considered registered = $50


Check in: Sunday 3-4pm

Check out: Friday 10am

Check-In Area: Wilderness


Alex Davidson

We are pleased for you to meet Alex Davidson, the program director for our Wilderness 1 camp. He is the associate Minister of Youth and Worship at First Christian Church in Barnesville. Alex has been the Youth Minister at First Christian for 9 years. He has been involved with wilderness camping for over 10 years.


Alex is a native of the Somerton/Barnesville area. He loves learning more about the Bible and continures to use the lessons from his seminary courses to better teach the youth of their community about Jesus and God's word. Alex's wife, Holly, is a teacher and a media consultant. Alex and Holly have been married for 6 years and they have a 4 year old son Henry and a 20-month-old son named Max.


Wilderness Camp has always been a special place for Alex and his family. This year he invites students to explore God's creation and see how God's hand has played a role in every aspect of our lives. His love and kindness shines through just like the sun shines through the trees in wilderness camp.

Alex Davidson baptizing a camper in the creek at Elkhorn Valley.


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