How do I register?

1) Choose the program for which you would like to register


2) Register online HERE!

     You may also register by printing a registration form HERE

     getting one from your church (if they are one of our member 

     churches.)  Once you have completed the form, send it by mail

     along with your deposit, to the camp at the address below.  


                                Elkhorn Valley

                                8241 Carnation Rd. SE

                                Bergholz, OH 43908



 Register early to take advantage of our lowest rates!


3) Watch your mailbox for a follow-up confirmation letter.


How do I know if my child is old enough for a specific program?

Program ages are determined by the year of school your child will be entering into in the FALL.


How can I pay?

We accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders and Credit Cards.  If you are pre-paying with a credit card, you will need to complete your registration process through our online system here: REGISTER ONLINE.


What if my church is paying all or part of the camp tuition?

The camp will bill your church ONLY if an authorized person at your church has signed the registration form and filled in the amount they are willing to pay.  Otherwise, full payment will be due at the time of registration.


Are your staff/faculty members screened?

All full-time staff, and program faculty undergo a background check prior to working at the camp.


When/Where is drop off and pick up?

For directions to the camp, click HERE


The following programs take place on Main Side (check-in at

Camp Store Porch): (Drop-off/PICKUP)

Day Camps - 9-10am PICKUP: 4:00pm

1st-2nd Grade Camp - 6-7pm PICKUP: 6:00pm

3rd Grade Camp - 6-7pm PICKUP: 10:00am

4th-6th Grade Camps - 6-7pm PICKUP: 10:00am

Middle School Elective Camp - 6-7pm PICKUP: 10:00am

Middle School & High School Camp - 6-7pm PICKUP: 10:00am


The following programs take place at the Retreat Center (check-

in at Retreat Center Porch:

Creative Arts Camp - 6-7pm PICKUP: 10:00am

Mother/Daughter Camp 6-7pm PICKUP: 10:00am


            The following programs take place at our Wilderness Camp

        (check-in at Wilderness pavilion/Barn for High School Expedition):

                      4th-6th Wilderness - 3-4pm PICKUP: 10:00am

                      Wilderness 1-3:  3-4pm PICKUP: 10:00am

                      Father/Son - 6-7pm PICKUP: 10:00am

                      Middle School Expedition 3-4pm PICKUP: 10:00am

    High School Expedition 3-4pm PICKUP: 5:00pm



What  do we do upon arrival at the camp?

Those who have paid in full at least 3 days prior to the start of camp may get in the Express Line to check-in. 


Those who still owe money (or paid the balance less than 3 days prior to the start of their program) will need to go through the regular registration line.


Can my child room with a friend?

There are no assigned bunks/dorms.  If your camper wishes to room with a friend, please arrange this with the friend before the day of registration, and both plan to arrive early to ensure an early choice at bed location.


What do I pack/Is there a dress code/what items are prohibited?

See our Packing List (Dress Code included).


What if the weather is really hot?

Camper safety is of utmost importance here.  We ensure that the campers have access to water.  Additionally, the Chapel, Dining Hall, Retreat Center, and Girls Dorms 3 and 4 are air-conditioned.


Can I send over-the-counter or prescription medications with my child?

Yes, but note that any medication must be in it’s original container and will be turned into the camp Medical Aide along with a completed Medication Permission Form at registration, and will be distributed as instructed throughout the week.


Does my child need to bring money?

Your child will need money for missions offering, as well as for purchasing snacks and souvenirs from the camp store.  “Elk Bucks” may be purchased at the store during registration, and can be used in the store.  These cards include a space for the campers name so that it can be returned to the proper camper if found.  Items in the store include snacks, candy bars, drinks, shirts, stuffed animals, jewelry and other toys and souvenirs with pricing ranging from $1-$30.


Mission tokens may be purchased at the store and used for offering. 


What is camp food like?

We do our best to offer fun and nutritious meals.  Typical Breakfasts have cereal, milk, and juice along with hot items like eggs, and bacon or sausage, or biscuits and gravy.  Lunches generally include a salad bar, sandwich, a side, a drink, and a dessert.  Dinners are more substantial and include meals such as spaghetti, veggies, salad, a dessert and drinks.  There will also be a couple of snacks offered during the week.


Regular Camp vs. Wilderness vs. Expedition? What do I choose?

At Elkhorn we have three programs campers choose from: Regular Summer Camps, Wilderness Camps and Expedition Camps. Our regular summer camps happen either on our mainside of camp or at our Retreat Center. Our Wilderness camps and our Middle School Expedition happen down in our Wilderness area past the High Ropes Course and Equipment building. Our High School Expedition happens off-site on a trip our program directors choose.


Our Regular Camps and Wilderness camps operate close to the same. Campers will experience swimming at the pool, recreation time on our basketball court, human foosball, and field space, use of our lake with canoeing, kayaking, fishing as well as our three pavilions. They will take trips to the Camp Store to purchase drinks, snacks and Elkhorn merch! Depending on grade most camps will have an option to experience our Adventure Program which includes High Ropes (12+), Low Ropes, Rock Wall and Triple Threat.


Wilderness Camps for meals come and pick up their food from our dining hall to be served down in their area. Down in the wilderness campers choose to either bring their own tent to stay in or they can bunk in our 3-sided adirondacks. They can play in the creek that runs through camp, play volleyball and gaga ball in their area. Middle School Expedition happens in our Wilderness Area with a one day excursion off site.


High School Expedition is a camp that happens off site. Campers arrive to Elkhorn Sunday night and head out Monday morning for their week long excursion. They return Friday evening after an impactful and transformative week where our program directors take them.


Can I send mail to my child?

Absolutely!  Campers love getting mail from home.  You can write letters ahead of time & drop them in the mailbox in the store, or mail them using the following format:


Camper Name

Camp Program

C/O Elkhorn Valley

8200 Carnation Rd. SE

Bergholz, OH 43908


You can also purchase items from the store and arrange to have them delivered throughout the week – see store for details.


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