Middle School Elective Camp

June 16-21

Program Director: Mike Smith


Theme: "Go Beyond"



If registered by April 22 = $235

If registered by May 20 = $255

May 21 up to walk on (subject to availability) = $265

Deposit required to be considered registered = $50


Camper SCUBA diving in our pool at Middle School Elective

“The only way to discover how truly great our God is - is to Go Beyond”  

Going Beyond is what makes life interesting.  If you don’t challenge yourself you will never know what you will become.  

Join us as we explore this topic at Middle School Elective Camp 2019!
Key Verse: Matthew 22:34-40
Campers will need to register for one of the following elective options:


Please note: Because campers will have the opportunity to ride horses during this week, this program is limited to campers who weigh 225 pounds or less.


Howdy partners,


Horses are one of God's most amazing creations, which exemplify God's characteristics of grace, power, beauty, and desire for relationship.  

My name is Terry Baker.  I am the leader of this elective and a staff member here at Elkhorn Valley.  I am a Christ follower, certified CHA instructor and 40+ year horseman.  


Novice and advanced students are invited to participate in introduction to horsemanship.  We will be focusing on equine behavior, safety, care, grooming, tacking, foundational principles of equitation, and the many truths our equine friends reflect about Jesus Christ.  


Looking forward to sharing this experience with you!


-Terry Baker from Crossroads Christian Church


Terry Baker riding his horse Jazz.


Chuck Kellum Certified Dive Master, from West Liberty Christian Church.

​Campers will receive classroom and in-water training from Chuck who has extensive experience SCUBA diving around the world.  They will start the week with snorkeling and some classroom work and will progress to SCUBA diving (in our swimming pool) by the end of the week.  They will have the opportunity to earn a certification.


Camper receiving SCUBA instruction from Divemaster Chuck Kellum at M.S. Elective 2018


Working with Mike Smith, you will have the opportunity to improve your basketball skills throughout the week and participate in games.

Campers participating in Basketball elective


Bonnie Smith owner of Komodo Dragon Martial Arts, from First Christian Church Malvern along with her assistant will be leading this exciting elective.  


Learn basic Martial Arts skills and self-defense skills, practice using blow darts and see sword demonstrations.


Camper recieves Martial Arts instruction at M.S. Elective Week


My name is Jennifer Jackson and this is my 4th summer working at Elkhorn Valley in the kitchen.  I love to be in the kitchen and I love feeding hungry people!  Aside from my job here at camp, I also prepare meals for people in my community. This is a way for busy people to have fresh, homemade food.  Lastly, I am in the process of opening a home bakery! I am hoping to have it up and running by the end of summer. We make all kinds of baked goods. Some of the things I make are: cookies, cupcakes, cakes, pies, rolls, breads, pies, noodles and a variety of other goodies.


This is our first year having a cooking elective at Elkhorn, so I am hoping to cover a little bit of everything in the kitchen.  Some things we will be doing is: learning how to read recipes and good knife skills.  We will make noodles from scratch and learn how to make a quick meal out of them.  We will learn how to bake and decorate cupcakes. Our final day we will make our own brownie mixes that you can take home and bake with your family.  And at our last elective time, we will have a special surprise!


I am really looking forward to spending the week with everyone and growing a love for being in the kitchen.


Some of Jen's wonderful baking creations.
Mike Smith teaching in the Chapel during Middle School Elective 2018

My name is Mike Smith.  I have had the opportunity to serve in ministry for over 25+ years.  During that time I also have served as a Dean/Program Director in church camp for 25+ years.  For 15+ years I have led Middle School camps. I have the honor of serving as the Senior Minister at Four Mile Run Christian Church in Youngstown, OH.  I am married and have 4 children ages 22 years with the youngest being 8 years old. My oldest son will be graduating from Johnson University in the spring with a degree in Preaching and Church Leadership and is currently seeking a ministry position.  I am also a full-time firefighter/emt with the Austintown Fire Department where I also serve as the Chaplain..


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