4th-6th Grade Wilderness (New in '19)

June 9-12

Program Director: Kevin Crater


Theme: "Top Secret (Do Something)"



If registered by April 22 = $150

If registered by May 20 = $155

May 21 up to walk on (subject to availability) = $160

Deposit required to be considered registered = $25



Campers enjoying our lake and kayaks

SHHH CaN YoU hEAr mE?!?! SHHH… Top Secret information coming in now.  STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!! Because you just need to be quiet long enough to hear! So, question is, “Can you hear it now?” God calls us to do something, but we must be quiet enough to hear Him tell us what that is. During this BRAND NEW 4th – 6th grade wilderness camp. You will understand the meaning of DO SOMETHING! During your time with me and my crew, each one of you will be challenged like never before to dig deep into the work that God is doing in your life, so you become his hands and feet. “ARE YOU READY FOR THIS CHALLENGE?”  Because we’re READY FOR YOU!


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