Summer 2020 - Missionary Partner Passion Ministries

Each summer here at Elkhorn, we partner with a mission organization.  This gives our campers the opportunity to support efforts to spread God’s Word to all corners of our world.


Throughout the week, campers can give in offerings or at the Canteen in order to support these missions.  If you’d like to help designate some of your campers money towards this, you have the opportunity to purchase Mission Tokens during registration at the Canteen.  These tokens can only be spent on missions giving (in fact, as soon as you purchase them, we route the money right to the mission). 


For summer 2020, we are excited to be partnering with Passion Ministries who are committed to “Reaching the people of India and beyond”.

Their work in India includes church planting.  They have planted 10 churches to this point.  They also offer Medical Camps where those in need are offered free examinations, medications, and training on health and sanitation.  Another area of ministry they have undertaken are technical camps where they offer free motorbike (an extremely popular form of transportation in India) service and repair. 


They also offer a Care Ministry for poor and disowned children. “Our doors are open for street children who have nowhere to go”.   They provide the children with food, clothing, and the message of the love of Jesus Christ.


As part of the mission work they are conducting in India, Passion Ministries is in need of a van.  That is where the mission offering for this summer will be going towards. 


Will you/your camper be a part of helping them serve and share the Gospel with the people of India? We pray that you will consider helping us meet this need!



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