1st-2nd Grade Camp & Icebreakers Camp

1st-2nd Grade Camp is July 8-9, 2021

Icebreakers Camp (3rd Grade) is July 6-8


Program Directors: Ryan and Kate Flowers


1st-2nd Grade Camp Cost:


Deposit required to be considered registered = $25

Icebreakers Camp Cost:


Deposit required to be considered registered = $25

Campers enjoying the pool at Icebreakers Camp
Ryan and Kate Flowers and their family

Ryan and Kate Flowers both grew up attending multiple weeks of summer programs at Elkhorn Valley. They are active members of Lake Mount Church of Christ along with their 5 children, who also attend programs at Elkhorn. The hope of leading children to have a passion for Christ has Inspired them to undertake the adventure of leading these programs at Elkhorn Valley!



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