We are excited to be continuing the “1Kamper Campaign” for our Summer 2020 Programs.  This is simply an effort to have you help us reach a larger number of campers with the message of the Gospel this coming summer.  It is our belief that individuals advocating for us is one of the most effective ways to get the word out about us and to get kids excited to come to camp here. 


Can you get 1 additional camper here in 2020?Please join us in inviting kids to camp!  


The "1Kamper" Vision/Logo

  • The “1K” part of the slogan is our goal for total campers this summer—1,000 Campers in attendance for our programs.  
  • The “1Kamper” part of the slogan is a reminder of the life-changing impact a week of camp can have on 1 individual child.  Never underestimate this.  Please see the story below of Rob Shoaff who as a child was invited to camp at Elkhorn by a friend.
  • The red in the slogan is a reminder that these campers will have many opportunities to hear the words of Jesus while here at camp.  


Here's how you can help us with this campaign:


We also have a tool to help you tell people about our camp, it is a  2 sided business card.  This card has some basic info about the camp including the website so that people can learn more about us and our summer programs.  Let us know if you would like us to send you some of these cards, or ask us for some the next time you are out at camp.

We would also love the opportunity to share directly with our member church congregations.  Whether that is through a video (available on the resource page) or through being able to speak with your congregations for a few minutes on a Sunday morning, or being able to set up a table in your lobby on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday evening.  Please let us know if/when you would like us to be at your church.


We’re excited for another summer at Elkhorn, and we pray that you are too!

 Here's 1 - Rob Shoaff

1 of the campers who had their life changed by attending camp at Elkhorn Valley is former Pastor and Missionary (and current Camp Director at Little Galilee Christian Camp) Rob Shoaff.  In 1987, Rob's friend Brad Hammond invited him to camp.   Rob had never even opened a Bible before that week.  What happened that week, and how God has transformed and used Rob is truly inspiring.  Take some time and watch the video below about 1 of #OurHappyCampers.


You can also read his story in our Elkhorn Echoes newsletter HERE.


Click to hear how camp transformed Rob's life

The Week that changed his life. Rob is towards the left, near the back with glasses and backwards hat.


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