Day Camp (Grades K-2)

June 22, 2019


Program Director: Jessica Mudger


Theme: "Faithcraft: Build A Faith That Lasts"



Camp Cost:

Cost = $15

Deposit required to be considered registered = $5


Campers enjoying the pool at Day Camp

What is Faithcraft?  It’s a game about building the biggest adventure ever: YOUR LIFE!  If you want to build a great “world,” you’ll need some help from some expert “gamers.”  Thankfully, we have the greatest “user manual” ever written: the Bible! Every good gamer knows if you want to level up, you need to know the hidden game secrets.  Through lots of hands-on activities, we’ll learn skills and game hacks from one of our Faith’s best “gamers,” King David. Faithcraft is all about building a faith that lasts.


Key Verses: John 3:16, Jeremiah 29:11, 1 Samuel 16:7, and Psalm 23

Jessica Mudger and her husband helping out at 1st-2nd Grade Camp


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