4th-6th 2

July 21-26

Program Director: Kevin Crater


Theme: "CAMPTENDO (The Choice Is YOURS!)"



If registered by April 22 = $235

If registered by May 20 = $255

May 21 up to walk on (subject to availability) = $265

Deposit required to be considered registered = $50


Campers enjoying worship time around the fire at Kevin Crater's week in 2018

Left, Right, Up, Down, A, B, Start. YES!!! I DID IT. I just received a REDO. Wait a minute, that can’t be RIGHT!!! Life isn’t that easy. Oh, how easy would it be if life was just big video game and all you had to do is just put in the cheat code for a redo. Are you having a hard time deciding what you should be doing or who you should go to for help? THEN MY CREW OF PROGRAMMERS HAVE A CAMP WEEK CREATED JUST FOR YOU! With Chad the developer and his sidekick Lucy and their minions, they will help you face and overcome challenges in life with pure JOY! (James 1:2) This week is designed by using a life size video game to help us understand how God will always be there, and He will give us the necessary skills to walk through life with ease. Don’t forget there will still be lots of swimming, Campus Games, and of course the famous MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Now the question is, “ARE YOU READY TO LEVEL UP AND SPEND TIME WITH US? Because we’re READY FOR YOU! SO, Do me a favor, “BRING A FRIEND (or 2)!!!!!! .  

Kevin Crater (Right) "helping" his brother-in-law Joe down the slip-n-slide at his week of camp in 2018


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